Church Continues…just not in the building

We are saddened to advise you that, in response to recent Government guidance, this church building will not be open for worship from Sunday 22nd March 2020.

Jesus said: “I will build my church”… Matthew Chapter 16 verse 18

Is this what he had in mind…a building something like this?

JESUS had something very different in mind… not a building at all.

When Jesus talks about Church: he means a group of people

The people of this church now welcome you in a variety of new ways as we explore how to support each other at a physical distance.

Please contact us in any way you are able and we will respond.

Telephone 07502 132896

Email: [email protected]

Minister:   Rev. Angela Rigby Email:  [email protected]

Sunday Worship, Tuesday Prayers, and Thursday Discussion Groups are all still happening utilising telephones and technology. So please do ask how you can join in!