Church Meeting

Being part of the URC we believe in the authority of the Church Meeting. There are normally 6 main midweek evening meetings annually with an occasional, very short one, after Morning Worship for something specific, such as the spring-time election of Elders. These shorter meetings are invariably conducted around informal tables and a cup of coffee.

Church Meeting is supported by a team of elected serving Elders who meet monthly.  Elders are elected to serve a 3-year term and can be re-elected for a second term, after which they must take a sabbatical. The Elders are responsible for ensuring that all the necessary work, worship, pastoral etc, is maintained and for preparing the background material for Church Meeting agenda items. These ideas may well have come from the Eldership itself, the various Working Groups, each with their own terms of reference, or from individual members or indeed from the URC nationally.

Working Groups

These groups cover pastoral matters, fabric and finance, worship (including Bible study, home groups etc), social events and outreach ideas.