In Matthew 11:29, Jesus says; “……..I am gentle and humble at heart.”

The fruit of the Spirit is essentially the character of Jesus. He is gentle like a shepherd. He will feed his flock like a shepherd.

Gentleness is the characteristic of being kind, tender, mild-mannered, compassionate and considerate. To be gentle means that you show love and care for others in the way you act and speak. To have gentleness is to have a gentle spirit or nature about you.

A gentle person is courteous and polite and soothing to be around. A gentle person is respectful of others and allows others to be who they are. A gentle person does not judge others nor judges themself.

Like Jesus, with loving gentleness, we should share the burdens, worries and challenges of our fellow human beings. As Jesus wraps his loving arms with gentleness around all who carry heavy burdens , we should do the same. Like Jesus we are asked to treat others with gentleness and humility at all times, thus displaying the character of Jesus.

Let us pray:

Lord we thank you that you sent your Holy Spirit to be our comforter and guide here on earth after you rose from the grave and ascended to heaven to sit on the right side of your Father.

We thank you for the fruits of the Holy Spirit enabling us to follow in your footsteps here on earth.

Please help us to use these gifts to bring glory to your Holy name.


Author: I am Diana , an Elder at St Johns Hill URC and I love Jesus.