Remembering Our Loved Ones

The last few weeks of being separated from our loved ones has been difficult, especially for those of us who have known someone who has been in hospital or who has passed away. Grieving in lockdown has been unnatural and isolating. The things we would normally do – meet up with family and share memories, go to church to light a candle and pray, or even go meet up with friends who understand what it means to lose a loved one – these things we have been unable to do.

Although our church building is still closed, we wanted to try and help people who are struggling with the separation and grief. On our railings outside, we have pre-cut some yellow ribbons. You are invited to choose one and tie it to our black railings. As you do so, we invite you to think of your loved one and perhaps say a prayer.

Although you can say anything to God in pray, a simple pray you might want to say can be found in Genesis 31:49: “May God keep watch over us while we are separated from each other.”

If you are unable to leave your home and you would like us to tie a yellow ribbon on your behalf, please email our minister Angela at [email protected] and she will tie a yellow ribbon for you.

Our church fellowship continues to pray for you.

Please see this video for more information: Yellow Ribbons