Friday Focus – Faithfulness

As we continue our series on the ‘fruits of the spirit’ found in the book of Galatians, this week we look at faithfulness.

Faithfulness means keeping your word, no matter what. Let’s say you promise a friend you’ll come over and help them in the garden. Then another friend calls and invites you to go for a coffee and chat — something you like to do to. What do you do? If you’re a faithful friend, you keep your word and help with the gardening, even though it means passing up a better offer of a coffee and chat.

Faith is the basis for our relationship with God. To have faith in God is to trust God, to take Him at His word, and to put our confidence in Him. And God is worthy of that trust. When God says He’ll provide, He provides; when He says He’ll forgive, He forgives; when He says He’ll be there, He’s there. In other words, God is faithful. He delivers on His promises.  Therefore we need to keep the promises we make in our lives

When we give our lives over to Christ, He does some wonderful things in our lives through His Spirit which is within us.

The fruit of faithfulness mentioned in Galatians when it is growing in our lives will make our lives and the lives of those around us so much better; it will be something that other people will take notice of, it is a fruit that other people desperately want to see in the lives of those around them.

 Jesus was faithful to the Father and because of His faithfulness we get to enjoy the opportunity for salvation!

We can be faithful because the one we serve was faithful even though His faithfulness lead Him to death on a cross.

He rose on Easter Sunday and is alive today, as the fruit of faithfulness grows in us, we will become more and more of a blessing to God and the kingdom.

Let God work in your life, let Him use you to the fullest!  We have the promise of eternal life.  He gives us a firm foundation and welcomes us all in his family.  God’s faithfulness is for everyone.

Prayer – Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to each and everyone of us.  Your love and protection is so great and we thank you that you are there in everything we do.  May your light shine through our lives so that others may see our trust in you and your faithfulness endures for ever.  Amen

Written by Shirley Raynor, a church member at St Johns Hill URC in Sevenoaks